Moving Checklists

We want to ensure your move goes smoothly

Make your move a great success

Moving comes with a unending todo list. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by the process; let our team help you make sure you don't miss a single detail.

We've created these checklists to help simplify the process for you and answer some of the most common questions we hear from our tenants. Review the details below and give us a call if you still have questions and need additional help: 469-995-9055

Move-in Checklist

First Month's Rent & Security Deposit
You'll need to pay your first month's rent and your security deposit to secure the property you've chosen. Our team will provide these amounts to you before the lease signing.

Move-in Date & Inspection
We will set your move-in date and provide all relevant information about the first inspection at the lease signing.

Please place all utility accounts for the property in your name immediately following the lease signing; failure to promptly change the accounts over may result in you losing access to your utilities. Please note, you are responsible for keeping utility accounts current throughout the duration of your lease.

Move-out Checklist

Notice of Intent to Vacate
Planning to move out of your rental home? Please provide us with written notice of your intent to vacate, in accordance with the terms of your lease.

Property Condition
Before you hand in the keys for your rental home, you'll need to bring the property back to rent-ready condition. This involves addressing the following: 

  1. Declutter: Remove any personal items and dispose of unwanted belongings.
  2. Dust Surfaces: Wipe down all surfaces, including countertops, shelves, and furniture.
  3. Appliances: Clean the refrigerator, oven, microwave, and dishwasher inside and out.
  4. Cabinets and Drawers: Wipe the interiors and exteriors of cabinets and drawers.
  5. Floors: Vacuum carpets, sweep and mop hard floors, and clean baseboards.
  6. Windows: Wash windows, clean blinds, and dust window sills.
  7. Bathroom: Scrub the toilet, shower, and sink. Clean mirrors and wipe down surfaces.
  8. Light Fixtures: Dust and clean light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  9. Walls: Spot clean any stains and touch up paint if needed.
  10. Trash Removal: Empty all trash bins and dispose of any remaining items.
  11. Final Walkthrough: Conduct a final inspection to ensure everything is in order.

Repairs: If any damage occurred during your stay, please take the necessary measures to address repairs. This includes patching nail and screw holes in the walls, repainting discolored paint, and replacing any broken glass.

Security Deposit
After you vacate the premises, our team will perform final inspections and check for damage in the rental home. If we identify any problems, we will schedule maintenance visits. The related expenses will be deducted from your deposit and the remainder will be returned to you. 

Remember, you cannot use your deposit to cover your final rent payment. Failure to pay you last rent bill may result in legal action and adverse credit reporting.